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The Boy with the Perfect Heart
March 13, 2017

The Boy with the Perfect Heart

Today marks the birthday of a very close friend who was taken from this Earth way too soon. Although many years have come and gone, I still remember our times together like they were yesterday. I share with you one of my favorite stories about love and our...

Homeless man
December 13, 2016

Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle

Do you believe in coincidences? Those little moments that feel odd and yet so natural? I've noticed those moments throughout my life to where things happen as if I could have predicted them, or as if there was a superior force at play, artfully aligning to speak to...

looking at the sky
November 21, 2016

The Six Laws of Attraction You Might Have Overlooked

Over the past few years, I've progressed in ways that I never thought were possible - at least that I couldn't predict. For years I had a credit score that was well under 500, I was eating one to two meals a day and it was a sob...

Brian Carter Full Sail Stage
September 27, 2016

Why I decided to get my Master’s degree

At a very young age living in New York, my school teachers told my parents that my reading and writing levels were so poor that I wouldn't make it in school. This stigma was twice as heavy when my family moved to Virginia and a doctor labeled me...

man looking out
September 25, 2016

Moving Beyond Lack and Becoming the Master

I must admit - envy and jealously have played a role in my life. Like damn, you were born with a family that had money and parents that were deeply engrained in your life - must be nice. This way of thinking doesn't serve me and it has been...

pokemon pikachu ash
July 11, 2016

Millennials Are Going Insane From Pokemon Go

This mobile app. has to be best thing to hit the block for every 20 something year old out there. My first 24 hours with the app. I went walking around the city and met a good 30-40 people playing it. I'm already predicting that I'm going to...

pets table
June 5, 2016

Perception is Everything

About a month ago, I went with one of my co-workers to pickup lunch for our company. Everything went smooth as we walked up to grab our order. We even got a free cookie (major win). On our way out we made sure to stop be the condiments...

hiker sunrise
June 4, 2016

Enlightening Thoughts to Change Your Life

I do not see myself as a disruptive force that creates new laws of life. I do however, believe that when I am aligned with a certain way of thinking, my energy flows naturally. The video below was shared with me, with the message that it sounded like...

June 4, 2016

Declare It. Do It.

The symbolism in Nike's tagline "Just Do It" is one of my favorites. Nike is one of my preferred companies to shop at due to their creative styles and powerful branding. While I am no trending fashion expert, I realize how much of ourselves and our lives that we...

June 4, 2016

The Only Way Out is Through

In the heart of your struggle, you will find a breaking point. At this moment you will choose to push on, or you will fall backwards. This moment comes in the most unsettling of times. Usually we feel there is nothing left in us and we become lost...